Data Management & Policy

Gaining Access to Sequencing Data

  1. Create an HPC account by following the directions found here: NYU High Performance Computing Wiki.
  2. Submit a request via the Biology Computation Support Form to be added to the CGSB unix working group on the HPC, and to be granted permission to your lab’s sequencing results directory.

Sequencing Data Process, Policy, and Retention

  1. Demultiplexed fastqs or raw lane fastqs are copied to /scratch on the HPC for access and processing by the research labs
  2. Owners of the data will have read and write access to the fastqs on /scratch
  3. The data will also be copied to /archive on the HPC and backed up as well as on tape to Iron Mountain. Data in /archive will be read only. This archived data will be retained for five years.
 Location  Policy  Access
/scratch Fastq files in the GenCore sequencing delivery directory are not subject to flushing and are backed up  Read
/archive Data will be retained for 5 years; Data will be backed up to tape  Read

Important Notes

  1. Raw data (run directories) are archived locally for a minimum of 6 months
  2. Data Plan Visualization NYC (updated 2018);