Protein ID/Quantification


The Biology Department currently has two Mass Spectrometers:

  1. A q-Exactive High Field system (ThermoFisher Scientific) coupled to a nanoflow Easy LC (Thermo). The geometry of the new high-field Orbitrap combined with novel advanced signal processing and enhanced ion optics allows a four-fold increase in resolving power and faster scan speed. The system is able to double the amount of acquired data, which ultimately leads to increase protein identification and coverage.
  2. An LTQ Orbitrap Elite (ThemoFisher Scientific) and coupled to a NanoLC Ultra 2D Plus (Eksigent) for liquid chromatography. A 1260 Infinity Quaternary Pump VL (Agilent) for 2D liquid chromatographic separation for enhancing protein characterization is also available.

Location: 4th Floor, CGSB