The NYU High Throughput Sequencing (NYU-HiTS) monthly seminar focuses on experimental techniques and bioinformatic methods for generating and analyzing next generation DNA sequencing data.

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Date Speaker Topic Slides
10/1/2015 Tara Rock, Mohammed Khalfan (NYU) What’s New in Gencore Slides
11/5/2015 Molly Hammell (CSHL) Shiny Apps and Painted Paths: Identifying transcriptional subtypes in cancer omics datasets
11/11/2015 Alix Cruse (Pacific Biosciences) Comprehensive Views of Genetic Diversity with Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) Sequencing Slides
12/3/2015 Olivia Wilkins and Christoph Hafemeister (NYU) ATAC-seq: from experimental design to computational analysis Slides 1, Slides 2
02/04/2016 Nizar Drou (NYU-AD) Bioinformatics at NYU-AD
03/03/2016 Mohammed Khalfan (NYU) Variant Detection using GATK, Visualization and more on the HPC using remote desktops Slides