GenCore has a Plasmidsaurus sample drop box on the 8th floor of CGSB. Samples should be submitted on Tuesdays by 4 pm. 

Plasmidsaurus FAQs

Plasmidsaurus Sample Submission Guidelines

Researcher Submission Instructions

  1. Create a plasmidsaurus account 
  2. Fill out the sample form. All sample information is arranged through Plasmidsaurus.
  3. Choose “Pay by Purchase Order” to generate a quote or “Pay by Credit Card” if using a credit card to pay Plasmidsaurus directly
  4. If paying by purchase order, Plasmidsaurus will generate a quote depending on the specific experiment. Place the order through NYU iBuy as a Non-Catalog order and attach the quote. PLEASE NOTE: The company is listed as “SNPsaurus” on iBuy, NOT “Plasmidsaurus.”
  5. Label all tubes with the order label provided by Plasmidsaurus and wrap with parafilm or place samples in a Falcon tube or bag.
  6. Once the order is confirmed by Plasmidsaurus, place samples in the NYU GenCore Plasmidsaurus drop box on the 8th floor of CGSB (labeled box is in the hall cubbies).
  7. The weekly submission deadline is Tuesdays at 4 pm.