NYU-NY-AD Core Bioinformatics

Meet the Team:

Mohammed Khalfan FullSizeRender2 jillian
Mohammed Khalfan (NY)
NYUNY Bioinformatics Specialist
Nizar Drou (AD)
NYUAD Core Bioinformatics Lead
Jillian Rowe (AD)
NYUAD Core Bioinformatics Infrastructure developer

GenCore Bioinformatics is operated by Mohammed Khalfan (NY) , Nizar Drou (AD), and Jillian Rowe (AD). Services provided include raw sequence data processing and management.


Additional Support:
For questions, consultation on pipeline development and execution, and downstream analysis, please email mkhalfan @ (Mohammed Khalfan – NY) or nd48 @ (Nizar Drou – AD)

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