New Instruments

GenCore (New York) has recently acquired a NovaSeq6000, which can be used to run standard or XP workflows. 

This instrument can run one or two flow cells at a time, generating roughly 650M to 10B reads per run, depending on the type of flow cell and kit size used. It is compatible with Illumina NGS compatible kits already in use and can be a more cost-effective way to sequence libraries. The pricing list can be found here. 

GenCore (New York) has purchased a Cytek Aurora spectral flow cytometer, which can also be used for BSL-2 analysis.

This instrument has 4 lasers (V/B/YG/R) and 48 detectors, and is capable of detecting the emission full spectra of samples. Single or multiple fluorochromes emitting in the 420nm-820nm wavelength range can be analyzed and unmixed using the SpectroFlo software. It can also read single tubes or 96 well plates, depending on user needs. Sign up for a training session today!