Both Core Facilities (NY and AD) have a variety of instruments to accommodate the needs of NYU researchers. Services range from expression profiling to automation to flow cytometry and more. The facilities continue to evolve as technology is added and new areas of research are conducted. 

The facilities are overseen by Directors and Faculty Directors who supervise their development and management, and a team of highly-skilled specialists who maintain and oversee equipment. 

Getting Started


  • For access to equipment, you must schedule a training session with the GenCore Staff and complete the appropriate safety trainings.
    • Lab Safety and Hazardous Waste training is required for ALL.
    • Bloodborne Pathogens Training is required for those using equipment in the BSL-2 Designated Room.
      • If you are not in the Biology Department, you must request a certificate confirming completion of this training.
  • Once completed, you will gain access to the equipment’s schedule on LabGear to make reservations and use the equipment on your own.
  • Note: Group/Lab training sessions are available and encouraged!

Building & Equipment Access

  • GenCore equipment is located on the 8th Floor in the CGSB and on the 7th and 8th Floors of the Brown Building.
    • A full list of GenCore Equipment can be found here.
  • Determine which floors you will need access to based on what equipment you will be using.
  • To request access – fill out the Biology Building Access Form and write the GenCore Manager down as the approver.
  • NOTE: You must complete a training session to gain building access to the instrument.

    NYU LabGear Scheduler

    • Researchers need a LabGear account and authorization to use the GenCore shared equipment.
    • Access to equipment will only be granted after a training session is completed. 

    NYUAD Core Technology Platform Scheduler

    • You will need a NYUAD CTP account and authorization to use the equipment.
    • You must contact Rachid Rezgui ( to create an account, once you have an account, you will still need to complete a training session to be granted authorization to the equipment’s schedule.


    • To be granted authorization, you must schedule a training session with the equipment’s responsible.
    • Once completed, you will be granted access to the equipment’s schedule and can make reservations and use the equipment on your own.
      • Lab Safety induction, General Safety Induction and Fire Safety training are required for ALL