Shared Equipment

In NYU-NY, the Genomics Core Facility (GenCore) possesses a wide variety of instruments to accommodate the different applications and needs of the researchers. Offerings range from expression profiling to automation to flow cytometry and more.

In NYU-AD the Core Technology Platforms (CTP) are shared facilities that support research activities across disciplines. Each CTP consists of a suite of research-grade equipment and are defined by the type of research they facilitate. The CTPs will continue to evolve and develop as new technology is added and new areas of research are conducted at NYU-AD.

Both the GenCore in NY and CTPs in AD are overseen by Faculty Directors/Directors who oversee their development and management, and liaise with faculty and researchers about current and future research requirements. Support is provided by a team of highly-qualified specialists who maintain and upgrade the equipment, define standards for operational performance, and provide service.

NYCNY Equipment

ADAD Equipment