Sequencing invoices will be sent to PIs monthly. Shared Equipment invoices will be sent to PIs on a quarterly basis according to the periods below:

Invoicing Period
September 1 – November 30
December 1 – February 28
March 1 – May 31
June 1 – August 31

The PI (or their proxy) will be asked to review the charges and sign/date the invoice before funds are transferred.

Our full list of services and pricing can be found here – Sequencing & Shared Equipment


  • GenCore will not charge for failed experiments due to equipment malfunction as long as the issue was documented and assessed at time of malfunction by the GenCore Staff and was not due to user error.
  • GenCore will re-sequence libraries free of charge in the event of a instrument failure unrelated to library preparation/quantification.

The Sequencing Core does not buy any library preparation or sequencing kits, and thus does not hold any stock. It is the PI’s responsibility to have kits ordered well in advance due to long ordering process time (it can take up to 2 months to have kits delivered in AD). The Core team can provide help during ordering process.

If you have a small number of libraries to sequence that is not enough to fill up your flowcell, it can be opened to anyone who has libraries for few lanes. In that case the Sequencing Core cannot be held responsible for delaying the run due to the time it takes to fill up the full flowcell. The same applies if you have libraries you want to sequence on someone else’s flowcell.

After run completion, reverse charge will apply for lane usage.