Save time and resources with the local CGSB repository of commonly used genomic data sets. Data is obtained from Ensembl and NCBI. New versions/releases will be added periodically or upon request. Previous versions/releases will be preserved.

All files are readable from within the shared genome resource. There is no need to copy the file(s) to your local directory. The second table below shows all available data types.

All data are stored in a common location with the following naming convention:


Search and find your genome of interest in the table below. Clicking on the row containing your genome will generate the specific path (see below table) to the data on the HPC .


Kingdom Species Source Version
Available Data Types
Name Extensions Built With
Reference Sequence
  • .fa
  • .fna

Request Data

To request a new organism, version, or data type, please email


Darach Miller · 2017-07-06 at 4:33 pm

So clean.

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